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Photography Places in Oregon

Oregon is a state most renowned for its immense natural beauty. It is one of the best places to visit especially in terms of scenic areas, with its national forests, state parks, wildlife refuges and volcanoes. Out in the old west where winter is beautiful and sunsets give the most heartwarming vibe, you are unlikely to go wrong with exploring and shooting.

Below is a list of some of the best places for photography in Oregon.

Painted Hills

painted hills

Situated near Mitchell, this area is certainly one of the most breathtaking regions to grace the eastern part of Oregon. Banded with striations and spectacular colors, the land masses appear as though they were hand-painted with highly surreal and seemingly unnatural artistic quality. Whats more is that their colors change throughout the day because of the shifting angles of the sun.

Most especially during rainy days, the Painted Hills explode vibrantly and appear fully saturated in color due to the polarising light thats filtering sun rays. Colors typically range from amber, yellow, gold, orange and burnt red with black or grey streaks. Whether you are a photographer or a painter, the Painted Hills is a highly suggested destination for you! This is one of the top 10 travel destinations

Alvord Deser

alford desert

AlvordDesert is one destination that rivals the solitude and magnificence of most desert playa landscapes found in California and Nevada. With the looming appearance of the SteensMountain on the west, the deserts alkali flat ends up looking very stunningly remote and even sensationally wild. However, during wet seasons, the playa becomes a shallow lake, posing a contrast in the scenery against the desert landscape. Truly a place for recreation, AlvordDesert remains an underrated jewel in the southeastern part of Oregon, popular for land sailing, camping, hiking, wildlife viewing and Oregon photography.

Seal Rock State Park

Seal rock beach

SealRockState Park is a wayside right off Highway 101 in Seal Rock, Oregon. The park is most renowned for featuring off-shore rock formations that have been serving as the refuge for sea lions, seals and sea birds. Within the cove lay collections of tide pools rich in colorful marine life. Massive sea stacks serve as resting sanctuaries for the migrating birds and nesting habitats for other bird species. Because of the variety of scenery, with endless waves crashing along huge rock chain flanks, and the convenient access to the location, this state park is a must-visit for anyone who wants to capture the stunning beauty of Oregon coasts.

 Lake Owyhee State Park


LakeOwyhee is a man-made body of water that makes for prime high scenery with desert buttes, hills, mountains and towering peaks surrounding it. Journeying along the area will give anyone a taste of everything a landscape photographer and outdoorsman desires. With vari-colored tuffs, orange-colored mountain cliffs, desert plateaus and fields of dry grasses, you are sure to find spectrums of different sensational colors here. While youâre at it, you might also want to check out the Owyhee Canyons for a stunning visual of Oregonâs majestic and wild badlands.

Mount Rainier National Park

If you are in for some scenic views of wildflower meadow waterfalls, glaciers, snow fields, flowing streams and an old-growth forest, then Mount RainierNational Park is the destination for you! Standing at 14,410 ft, Mount Rainier is the tallest peak from the Cascade Range. It offers recreation all-year round but is best visited during winters. If you are looking for more travel destinations check out these top 10 lists

Each part of the Oregon state is unique. Know that Oregon goes beyond just the soaring peaks of Cascade Mountains, the arid deserts of Oregon badlands, the majestic crater lakes and the rugged western coastlines. Other places you might want to consider for photography in Oregon include the Oregon Coast Aquarium, McMinnvilleAirMuseum and most especially the ghost towns scattered around the state!



Images and Videos are on the way

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If anyone has any great spots in Oregon that they know are great for filming landscapes and wild life then please drop us an email and we will endeavor to get some film and photography on this site. I want to make this site a celebration of Oregon and preserve its beauty with pictures and films.


So please join us on this journey of images and video of our wonderful state of Oregon.